The Story of Sanddru

The story of Sanddru began with an idea of developing a device for measuring the distance of a golf stroke by utilizing the diameter of the golf cart wheels (yes, before ubiquitous GPS devices). The idea never panned out due the founders going to Germany, Italy, and the USA for further scientific studies.  Several years later a different business opportunity arose and not before long Sanddru was formed.

Sanddru is a research driven development and consultancy company that combines advanced theoretical research knowledge with many years of practical experience realizing ideas in interdisciplinary environments.

Sanddru is the collective knowledge, experience, and motivation of three competent partners with a core value about honesty and reliability, which is the actual definition of the old Danish word 'sanddru'.

We are dedicated to continually adopt best practices and methods to deliver state-of-the art consultancy and products to your business.